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Then 2015 came around and B2ST released Ye Y which slumped hard.

Pretty sure Hyunseung hated that song, but throughout the promotions he still carried on.

The production cost of all their solos were also shared between the members.

Hyunseung alone has had three solo outings (including Troublemaker) during his time in BEAST, while the rest of BEAST collectively had three solos during the same time including a very low-key Japan debut for Dongwoon.

Eunhyuk will be the seventh member of Super Junior to enlist in the military, following Kangin, Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, and Sungmin.

Meanwhile, his two groupmates Donghae and Siwon are scheduled to join the army as conscripted policemen on October 15 and November 19 respectively.

If I recall correctly, Hyunseung didn't show any support for Yoseob's solo which was released before ' Now,' while other members did.

Since late 2012, the rest of BEAST didn't show any major support publicly towards Hyunseung's solo activities and Hyunseung didn't show any support towards the other BEAST members' solo activities. First, I think it was Dongwoon that brought it up on Radio Star and he wasn't 'complaining' by any stretch.

My friend believes with all her heart that V from BTS isn't as happy with the idol life as other idols, and he would rather be with his family. Something happened between Hyunseung and the rest of BEAST back in 2013 that broke their relationship and caused them to become increasingly distant and cold with one another.Super Junior’s Eunhyuk is bidding farewell to his fans and the media to enter the army tomorrow.On October 12, SM Entertainment made the official announcement regarding Eunhyuk’s enlistment, revealing that the singer will be joining the 102nd Reserve Forces located near Chuncheon, Gangwon Province in the afternoon on October 13 for his basic training, before serving as an active duty soldier.He was honestly answering a question about how BEAST were sharing their income and pointed out that none of their individual activities bought in any significant income including Troublemaker - which you like it or not is a true fact.Troublemaker especially was an incredibly expensive project with very less return in revenue.

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I think Hyunseung didn't like a lot of their songs. Can we please stop wording this shit so it looks like Hyunseung's the only one to blame? Not like BEAST actually tried to reach out to him either ffs, and they did a shit job of pretending to get along on camera considering any mention of him was just to paint him as that quiet weird guy and no one ever gave a fuck about trying to include him in bts clips and photos and shit. As for the 9/10 months before he left Beast, he was being witch hunted by yangyoseopworld and co. Tbf if someone made me sing Ye Y and I had to work in an awkward environment 24/7 I would leave too. Both parties have some explaining to do (esp how the Beast members except for Yoseob straight up ignored him for two years). He and Hyuna have said they traded off on public speaking, like they would decide beforehand on who talked that day.

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