New york city dating coach

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New york city dating coach

They wrote the books "Get Dates Without Drinking" and "Get Your Man Through Hypnosis." They have been educating and entertaining singles throughout the country and are known as "THE AMAZING LOVE DOCTORS.

Together we’ll create a detailed profile of the individual you’re looking to meet.

You'll discover where and how to find dates any time without having to down a six pack to speak to someone who tickles your fancy.

By the way, the only reason the NYPD doesn't stop us from conducting these tours on the streets of NYC is because not only are we the nationally known Amazing Love Doctors, but we're also members of New York City's Finest - well not exactly, but we are Licensed NYC Tour Guides.

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The Amazing Love Doctors will get you out of the classroom and on to the streets of New York City - where the real action is!

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