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Liked it a lot, and was more than willing to stop anyone who tried to derail his powerful employer.

The huge paychecks were the cake; the perks were the icing, something he'd found he couldn't live without. The powerful man stood up and together they strode out of the room.

"Explain to me again how she got onto my property." "One of the sensors near the Special Projects Testing Center apparently malfunctioned.

But the sensor rings overlap, so I don't know how she got through undetected.

I don't think she even knew there were sensors out there, she sure wasn't trying to hide.

Almost all the rooms in the sprawling building ran off of it at one point or another.

He'd been to the medicos -- there wasn't anything wrong with him. The dream was his passion, and he wouldn't rest until that dream became a reality.

All of it was his, not that he cared about money or material goods anymore.

Its mere size, however, was not the hallway's most striking feature.

A visitor couldn't help but notice that along both walls, every five meters or so, there was a well-lit alcove.

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