Washburn guitar serial number dating

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Actually, my very first Washburn was an EA10 model, but it was a real cheap introduction model. When I received the Presentation, the dealer also mentioned the possibility of getting a Paramount, which was also a high-end guitar being introduced by Washburn for a reasonable price. The word Washburn itself, I think a lot of people identify with the South. In the back of my mind, I always associate the name Washburn with a Southern-type instrument. As a matter of fact as soon as we finish this interview I’ll be placing a bid on a C20 that’s on e Bay. The reason that I go for all these Washburns is that there is so little information from the dealer and from US Music Corp. They’re in the business to sell guitars and not to archive.[My dealer] had mentioned the Presentation model and I thought about it awhile before I actually ordered it. I find it interesting that as a brand Washburn is probably best known for music that was born out of the South. I don’t know if it was advertising from the turn of the century or something I read or players I’ve seen … They’re not like Martin or Gibson, who carry a very distinct line of guitars and sell guitars by serial number, and you can go back and trace the guitar’s year of origin.I really didn't know what to expect when buying a 90 year-old instrument.

After all, tone and feel deserve precedence over pedigree. We have one in Alabama, and we have another one up here in Virginia. Well, I’d been playing music and playing guitar for 35 years and I’d never owned a really good guitar. I’d wear it out, and then I’d buy something cheap again.

Perhaps the Style 2442 mandolin, which might have had a catalog price of .00, was being offered at some point for .00 -- could be when it was just renumbered from 1430 -- and that's when your mandolin was labeled. Allen Hopkins Gibsn: '54 F5 3pt F2 A-N Custm K1 m'cello Natl Triolian Dobro mando Victoria b-back Merrill alumnm b-back H-O mandolinetto Stradolin Vega banjolin Sobell'dola Washburn b-back'dola Eastmn: 615'dola 805 m'cello Flatiron 3K OM I have a vivid memory of seeing a two-point like this in Washington Square, lo' those many years ago.

Mandolin and guitar player dressed in matching shiny brown suits with dark pin-stripes, string ties and cowboy boots playing "Jimmy Brown the Newsboy" - about as un-Manhattan-ie as one could get at the time.

I made such a low offer to the seller that I did not think he would take it, but he did and ended up making my most satisfying instrument purchase to date. As prices in general were very volatile between 1915 and the early 1920's, the style numbers on the labels of Washburn instruments were often changed during this period and thus may deviate from the catalog numbers indicated above (e.g.

I will double check the numbers on the label and post more pictures later. 1120 for a Style 1118, 3130 for a Style 3126, 2125 for a Style 2128, etc.)..." (p. So there could be a style number that never appeared in a Washburn catalog, generally a few digits removed from the catalog number.

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In that short time, he has amassed the world’s largest personal collection of Washburn acoustics, and perhaps the largest personal collection of acoustic guitars, period.

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