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When I got back I got another message from the Mom. After waiting for what felt like an eternity I felt like the cops weren't actually coming. And that's what AOL chat rooms were like for me.This time it said that the girl was only 14 (she said she was 16) and I was responsible for harboring a minor. TL; DR At 16 AOL chat rooms gave me the best and worst moment of my life in one day.I was awkward because girl, and she was disappointed even though I wore my nicest fleece sweater-vest for the occasion; this just fed into the cycle of awkwardness. But overall, chatrooms were a solid 7/10 experience. We would don our anti flame suits, travel in groups, and fight roaming bands of trolls.Around every corner lurked danger, from emo teenagers, to pedophiles, to people who just wanted to see the world burn.It was a fun outlet and a get away from my normal life.Online, people didn't know that I was an awkward, gangly, 14yr old with glasses and braces.I was very young going into those chat rooms, only experiences I ever had were from older men trying to be with kids, I would ignore them as soon as I figured out what they were there for. The chatrooms were funny, though they could get dangerous very fast.

I don't know of Tarot is real or whatever, but there were loads of people that would have minor freakouts due to the accuracy of the readings. I used to go on AOL Nirvana chatroom (this was prior to the death of Kurt Cobain) and I made some friends that kinda turned into penpals. In the morning I check my AIM account and it's a message from the girl saying that it's her Mom and she needs to come home right now.

The craziest thing I remember though is all the chatrooms that were created by women who would do Tarot card readings for people. I picked her up like normal and we had a really fun day.

Somebody would create a chatroom like "Free Tarot readings! Recently I got my license and with it came the freedom to go where I want. We later got down to business in the back of my pick up truck. I wanted to take her home but traffic was bad, really bad.

Sometimes I debated, and I'm glad chats weren't really archived well because early teen logic and course of debate is cringeworthy at absolute best.

But the fun part was hoping in and out of rooms, and overhearing the 'cool' rooms to hang out in, kind of like private subs but with a lot more bots. We hit it off, chatted every day, found that we lived in the same area, and actually had a mutual friend that kind of 'hosted' our meeting.

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Looking back, AOL truly showed the world the beginning of trolls and perverts, and communities coming together to help someone, that we today don't even blink an eye towards.

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